Last week I had a Coach Action Plan with a gal who was worried she didn’t have enough to say to create content throughout the year. She was putting a ton of pressure on herself to come up with brand new content every single time. Because she felt if she didn’t have something new to say every [ read more…]

I woke up to another terrible outreach email yesterday.But rather than delete it like I usually do…I thought it’d be good for us to dissect it.So YOU can avoid making these mistakes (unlike this guy)Here’s a screenshot of the first bit: First off:The email is to ‘Undisclosed recipients.’ Basically, what this means is he sent the email [ read more…]

If growing your email list is one of your goals for this year, I think you’re going to love this. Like I mentioned in my last post, my son, Bobby, helped me grow my list with over 20,000 awesome coaches. Which has led to a six figure business working with clients I absolutely love. Bobby owns his [ read more…]

Do you feel the pressure to do ‘all the things’ when it comes to marketing your business? I’ll admit, I feel it too. It seems like you should be everywhere online, on all the platforms, all the time. But like I mentioned in my last post, that’s just not realistic. I’m a big believer in finding a marketing approach [ read more…]

Last year about this time, I went deep down two YouTube rabbit holes: Vanlife (in a couple of years I want to travel the country and live out of a converted van) and… Illustration (a new hobby of mine) Now, I know I’m late to the party on this, but what I realized was how great YouTube is for [ read more…]

The hate is real.So many coaches admit to me how much they hate marketing themselves. And look, I get it. From the outside, marketing looks like a hodge podge of stuff that either seems outrageously salesy or dreadfully complicated.But if you’re open-minded, I want to share a different perspective.Because marketing doesn’t have to feel this way. The reason [ read more…]