Recently I set the record straight that growing a business can be simple, but not always easy. And like many things that are difficult, it’s worth it. Because on the other side of this challenge is a more confident and more capable you. And a life where you make good money doing meaningful work that you love. Now to get there, [ read more…]

Yesterday a gal on Instagram sent me a DM after she’d read one of my posts… “What the heck is a coaching framework?” Great question! If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ve probably heard me mention how important it is to have your own proprietary, unique to you coaching framework. But… what exactly is it? Simply put, a Coaching Framework [ read more…]

To date, I’ve completed well over 300 Coach Action Plan calls. Which means I’ve had the privilege of speaking to a lot of coaches about their businesses. And in many of these conversations, coaches have told me they struggle with the idea of choosing a niche. Some are worried because they want to go big. They see themselves on [ read more…]

I have a six-figure business now because I dialed in my niche. Honestly, I would not be here writing to you if I had not narrowed it down to coaches. I’d still be floundering, trying to do ALL. THE. THINGS — being a jack-of-all-trades business coach. Never feeling truly confident in what I had to offer. If [ read more…]

Are you worried your niche is too saturated? That you won’t be able to find enough clients if you narrow it down? I’ve had many conversations with coaches who have felt the same way. And I get it. I had the same worry when I decided to move from being a general business coach to working with just coaches. And [ read more…]

This morning, I checked to see how many Coach Action Plans I’ve done since starting them back in 2019. The Coach Action Plan is a 90-minute call I offer coaches to help them move past places in their business where they’re getting stuck. As of this morning, I’ve conducted 258 Coach Action Plans. While it’s been amazing to [ read more…]