Several years ago, I signed up for a course on selling from a coach who promised we could increase our conversion rates by 50%. That would be amazing if it were true. But it wasn’t.At least for me. About every 10 minutes in the course, I thought, “There’s NO WAY I’m doing that.”Her approach was hard selling at [ read more…]

For our second to last blog post of this series, it’s time to talk about something that strikes fear into the hearts of many coaches.(If you missed the previous emails, here are: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV)The Enrollment Conversation When I talk to coaches about their enrollment process (i.e. having the enrollment [ read more…]

Last week I talked about a serious mistake that coaches make when developing their websites… Emulating someone else’s website — either another coach or a “celebrity” site. (check it out here if you missed it) Today, I want to talk more about why it’s a mistake. See, in both cases, whether it’s a coach or a celebrity, it’s often [ read more…]

I know that even the idea of creating a website can stop many coaches in their tracks. I get it. There are a lot of things to consider when creating a website.DesignWhat are my brand colors?Do I include my picture? If so, how big should it be and where?What other pictures and graphics do I include?What font [ read more…]

Last week I promoted the new Coaches Accelerator signature program to my email list and on Wednesday I sent out an email to coaches who didn’t purchase asking them why.Lesson 1: finding out why people didn’t buy your coaching packages is always a good thing to do. What you find out can help you in [ read more…]

This has come up in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this topic. I see a lot of coaches put up their website “shingle” with their pricing, how many sessions, length of coaching, etc. And that’s absolutely fine to have on your website, but that can’t be all. Because people don’t [ read more…]