Sometimes when I talk to coaches, they tell me they’re trying to grow their coaching business.But then when we dig into what they’re doing on a weekly basis…It becomes clear that what they’re really doing is creating an expensive hobby for themselves.It usually looks something like this… (based on my first few years in “business” [ read more…]

Over the past few months I’ve been quietly sharing my new coaching framework with coaches who’ve had a Coach Action Plan with me.And I’m happy to say… It’s been getting rave reviews 😁The coaches who’ve gone through it have found it extremely helpful. It’s helped them simplify their business and really clarify what they should be [ read more…]

I’m 12. The school bus has just let me off at the front of my house. No one’s home yet because both my parents work and my younger sister is still at school. And I am CRAVING a delicious bowl of Orville Redenbacher popcorn. So I let myself in, drop off my book bag in my bedroom, [ read more…]

When I first started my business, I had a hard time staying consistent with my most important tasks. Probably because I had no idea what those actually were. 😉I would…Spend a bit of time futzing with my websiteAttend a networking eventRead a chapter in a book that was way past what I needed at the [ read more…]

Last Friday, my son and I hopped on Zoom for our mid-year check-in. As I started discussing all the things I had planned for the second half of 2022, I started feeling completely overwhelmed. And not excited. And seriously burned out. And after having a mini-meltdown and getting all the things I’ve been thinking and feeling off my chest, [ read more…]

Habit stacking. A cool name. An even cooler concept. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the different types of habits — goal-, system-, and identity-driven habits — that James Clear discusses in his book Atomic Habits. In that article, I mentioned that we want to start with identity-driven habits because they inform our goal and system-driven habits. Today, [ read more…]