I'm Selena.

The Tramayne Group

After years of throwing spaghetti at the wall, feeling completely overwhelmed, and trying to learn, do, and be ALL. THE. THINGS...

I FINALLY built my coaching business to a healthy six figures using all the experience and wisdom gained from both my professional and personal experience, as well as my unique genius, strengths, and talent...

... while minimizing the things I suck at and that suck the life out of me...

... and (this is so important ;-) while still having a life!

And if you're a coach, I'd love to help you do the same.

In fact, I specialize in helping women coaches discover and develop their secret coaching sauce...

... turning their lifetime of experience and hard-earned wisdom into a thriving coaching practice that's as unique as they are.

So they can serve those people they're meant to serve.

And have an amazing life in the process.

By helping other coaches get their businesses up and thriving, I get to help them help others.

Thousands of people making their dreams come true through the power of coaching.

For me, there's nothing better.

Moving Up the Totem Pole

After getting a divorce, with a little boy and no college degree, I knew I had to go back to school and get my bachelor's. I didn't want to be one of those single moms who had to work three jobs just to make ends meet.

Three years of school, a part-time job as a secretary, and raising my son taught me a LOT about setting goals, staying focused, and daily perseverance.

(absolute necessities for building a business, btw)

After earning a BFA in Electronic Media, I got a job with Rand McNally (this was when they were the #1 map company in the world) as an Admin Assistant. In six years, I worked my way up to Project Manager.

More goal setting, more focus, and more daily perseverance.

Following My Heart

I started feeling the itch to do something else. Working in the corporate world just wasn't a good fit.

I returned to school to get a Master's in Community Counseling and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.

During grad school, I realized that doing clinical work wasn’t going to cut it for me.

It didn't feed ALL of me.

While I had a love for psychology and helping people, I also had a love of business, systems, design, and technology.

I knew there was something else out there for me. And so I went searching.

Fish Out of Water to Figuring Things Out

During school I’d started to hear things about ‘coaching’ as its own profession, separate from therapy.

After graduating and earning the Ph.D. next to my name, I decided to give coaching a try.

I put my shingle out as a coach... and proceeded to flounder for about two years.

In my previous roles I’d been the master of organization and focus. But now I was the master of overwhelm and spaghetti throwing.

Fortunately, the CEO of a multi-million dollar coaching organization saw the value I was providing through a few consulting gigs and invited me onto his leadership team.

And that's when I started figuring things out.

During the next four years, I helped the organization double its revenue from 2.5 million to over 5 million and win the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies award 3 years running.

During that time, I was the team leader on several teams — growth, marketing, customer service, systems, and live events.

(Not all at once, btw. ;-)

My goal was to treat this work as a well-paid business and marketing internship. Learning everything I could from them...

... while also taking about a zillion courses, reading a ton of books, attending live events in marketing, business, etc...

... and building my own coaching business on the side.

Taking the Leap

Eventually, my coaching business was supporting me. So I left that organization and ventured back out on my own full time.

But I knew there was more I could be doing to help coaches gain the clarity and focus I wish I'd had when I first started.

So I developed the Coaching Genius System, a simple 5-part framework that helps coaches stop throwing spaghetti and gain the clarity needed on the most important pieces to growing a successful coaching business.

Next, I developed what's become my signature program: The Coaches Accelerator. The Accelerator helps coaches speed up their journey to building a business they love — from setting up the foundation to doing the tech, marketing, sales, and beyond.

Your Journey

So now I’d like to talk about you. Where is your business going next?

If you're interested in getting support, here are the best ways I can help you:

The Coaching Genius Type Quiz

Take this quiz to find out your Coaching Genius Type. You'll learn the strengths and challenges of your Coaching Genius type so you can focus on what you do best. Find out if you're an Explorer, Idealist, Mystic, or Sage and what that means for your coaching business.

The Coaching Genius Course

This is a quick 5-module starter course that helps you gain clarity on the most important steps to take in your business. Here's what you'll get...

  • The 5-Module Coaching Genius Course, which guides you step-by-step through building a sustainable 6-figure coaching practice
  • Step-by-Step Worksheets for each module so you can implement and take action on everything as quickly and easily as possible
  • Proven Methods and Techniques for finding your perfect client avatar, developing your signature coaching methodology, and crafting an enrollment conversation that feels good and not sleazy
  • Tools To Breakthrough Overwhelm and Confusion on your journey to becoming a 6-figure coach
  • Mindset Mastery Secrets to gain clarity and confidence so you stay focused on building a thriving coaching business
  • Ready-to-Go Enrollment Script you can use right away and easily fine tune for your specific niche

The Coaches Accelerator Signature Program

This is my big daddy signature course that gives you all the pieces you need to start and grow your business.

You'll get 8 powerful building block modules that include step-by-step videos, action-oriented implementation guides, audios, slide decks, transcripts, and downloadable videos.


Build Your Foundation

MODULE 1: Select Your ONE Transformation

MODULE 2: Choose Your ONE Ideal Client & Community

MODULE 3: Design Your ONE Coaching Framework

MODULE 4: Package Up Your "Must Have" Coaching Offer

Build Your Attraction Engine

MODULE 5: Create a "Yes Please!" Freebie Giveaway

MODULE 6: Build a High-Converting Opt-In Sequence

MODULE 7: Craft an Easy and Fun Enrollment Conversation

MODULE 8: Create the Plan to Grow Your Amazing Community

By the end of the program, you will have...

  • Dialed in your niche so you have complete clarity on your one transformation and one idea client avatar — and know for sure it's profitable and fits the kind of coaching business you want to have.
  • Developed your own proprietary coaching framework so you're completely confident you can get your clients results
  •  Adapted a proven enrollment script to match your style perfectly so your enrollment calls feel natural and fun — so you never have to feel sales-y again.
  • Followed a simple, actionable marketing plan perfectly suited to your strengths and genius zone, while scrapping the activities that aren't in your wheelhouse.
  • Created an irresistible freebie and opt-in sequence that brings new people into your world and leads them to signing up with you
  • Implemented a simple and effective plan to nurture your community and grow your impact month after month

And for an additional investment you also have the option of 1:1 coaching with me personally. In fact, since there is so much to teach when it comes to building a coaching business, investing in the course is the only way to get coaching with me personally.