The weight loss strategy to growing your business sustainably

Last year my friend Paula told me she was starting up Weight Watchers.

She’d used it 20 years ago and lost 20lbs. And she wanted to use it again to lose a few more pounds that had snuck on during the last couple years.


That conversation inspired me to begin my own weight loss journey (again 😉

But this time I wanted to do something different.

This time I decided to take the same approach I use when I help my clients build their businesses.

… and lo’ and behold, this time it worked 😉

Here’s what I did…

First, I decided to keep it simple.

I tracked my calories with an online app.

Sometimes we like to overcomplicate things (me especially). But in my experience, you have the most success when you keep things simple and easy.

Second, I got clear on my current situation.

I tracked calories to find out how many I was eating to be at the weight I was currently at.

And most importantly: I did so with a sense of curiosity. Not judgement.

This was incredibly powerful. It gave me a sense of where I was starting from.

My mindset started shifting right away. I went from “Maybe I’m just meant to be overweight” to “I’m averaging over my recommended calories per day, which is the real, tangible reason I’m overweight.”

Third, I got real about what works for me and what I’m willing (and not willing) to do to reach my goal.

I used the app to decide how much I wanted to lose each week. The app showed that I would need to eat 1200 calories or less per day to lose a pound a week.

Nope. Not going to happen.

So I adjusted it to 1/2 pound per week. A little over 1500 calories. Much more doable. I’m not willing to starve myself to lose weight. And I’m pretty sure I died of starvation in a previous life because I DO NOT like to be hungry.

Then, I took things step-by-simple-step.

I didn’t try to make a ton of changes at once. In the past, I’d go on someone else’s diet (Atkins, Low-fat, South Beach, Paleo, Keto, etc, etc, etc), throw out all the food in my kitchen, and buy ingredients I’d never heard of before.

This time, I decided I’d take it one meal at a time and make small tweaks.

And, I did it MY way.

That meant no food was off limits. With most of the diets I’d been on in the past, some food group was either off limits or extremely limited. Which is completely unsustainable for me.

This time I decided that so long as I ate within my allotted calories, I was going to eat whatever the heck I felt like. Bread came back. Chocolate came back. And life is just so much better because of it. 😉

Plus, I gave myself permission to do it imperfectly.

In the past, I’d be pretty hard on myself if I “messed up.” And often, I’d just quit. This time, I knew that I wasn’t going to be perfect at it. And it was okay. If I went over my allotted calories one day, no big deal. I’d just get back to it the next day.

I know that I don’t have to do things “perfectly” Consistency is WAY more important.

Finally (and most importantly), I’ve kept at it.

Day in and day out. Going over my allotment. Getting back to it the next day. Going over my allotment again at some point. Getting back to it again.

Here’s the most important thing to remember:

“Keep at it. Don’t quit.”

Over the past 9 months, I’ve lost 15 pounds.

Not a ridiculously huge amount, but I purposely have taken it slow because that’s what works for me to make this permanent.

And the cool thing is, these strategies don’t just work for losing weight.

They’re the same strategies I’ve used to grow my business and help hundreds of coaches.

And if you’d like my help to apply these strategies to grow your business and make incredible progress over the next 90 days and beyond…

… I invite you to book a Coach Action Plan with me.

In this private 45-minute call you’ll get my personalized guidance on what you should be focusing on in your business right now.

And how to get there, step-by-simple-step 🙂

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With love & joy,


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