Chain of Beliefs (Coaching Edition)

Yesterday, I talked about how the chain of beliefs works in marketing.

The idea being that often a new member of your community has one set of beliefs and they need another set of beliefs to get to the place where they hire you.

And you lead them through a series of belief changes in order to do that.

The same can be done with your coaching.

In the enrollment conversation and in the beginning of your coaching, you can assess and identify their current set of beliefs.

You also identify what being on the other side of the transformation looks like to them.

The process looks something like this...

Step 1: What are your client’s current beliefs in regards to the transformation?

  • Do they believe they can do it?
  • Do they believe you can help them?
  • Do they understand that they'll need to put in the work? That it's not a magic formula?
  • Do they think the work is worth it? Is the transformation important enough that they'll put in the work?

Step 2: What do they need to believe in order to make permanent lasting change?

  • They need to believe that they can get there with your help.
  • They need to believe it's worth the effort.
  • They need to believe that they can get to the place where it's permanent lasting change.
  • They need to have a clear picture in their mind of what transformation looks like

Step 3: What are the "milestone beliefs" that will get them closer to the ultimate transformation.

Milestone beliefs are the steps along the way to the transformation. They depend on the transformation you provide.

To give you a couple of examples...

  • In my business, a milestone belief might be that they believe they can create a proprietary coaching framework that feels good, increases their confidence, is easy to explain, and provides clarity for the client.
  • In the case of a weight loss coach, it might be that the client believes she can prepare healthy and delicious food and doesn't feel deprived. A second milestone might be that she understands that she can create a fitness plan that is fun and doesn't suck.
  • In the case of a coach who helps busy moms find time to go after their own dreams while also taking good care of their families, the first milestone might be to get the mom to understand that with a few tweaks to her daily routines, she can find a little time for herself. The second milestone belief might be to help her realize that she deserves to take time out for herself and pursue her dreams. That it actually makes her a better mom.

Your turn.

What are the chain of beliefs that need to happen in order to help your client make permanent lasting change?

With love & joy,


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