Have you ever noticed in a lot of movies there's always one thing the main character is missing?

In action movies, the hero usually needs to track down a powerful weapon or tool that's going to save the world.

And in romances, the main character needs to find their one true love to lead a happy life.

Just a bit oversimplified, right?

Because if they showed how messy life can get, I doubt anyone would pay exorbitant theater prices to see it.

It's a lot more satisfying to watch the hero track down the one thing that's going to save (or destroy) everything.

And sure, in theory we get it.

We know the world won't be saved forever just because one lone action hero stopped one evil person. The government still needs to do the daily work of tracking down terrorists.

And we know our romantic lead needs more than to just wind up with the right person. Both of them need to put in the daily work to keep the relationship alive. (And, as any relationship coach can attest, some couples need some extra help).

So we know real life isn't as simple as this. But that doesn't mean we never get sucked into "One Thing-Itus"...

You track down the specific parts that aren't working as well as they should.

And from there you figure out what you should be focusing on next to make it run better.

The goal is to go from the coaching business equivalent of the Beverly Hillbillies broken down jalopy...

To this:

With coaches it's believing that you're just…

"One funnel away."

"One sale away."

"One networking event or conference away."

"One Thing-itus" has plagued the coaching industry as long as I can remember. I used to believe it, too!

But after experiencing disappointment after disappointment when that "one thing" let me down…

I realized there is no one thing. It doesn't exist. Because your business isn't the hero of a Hollywood movie.

Your business is what's called a "complex system".

While we use just one word to describe it: "Business"

…It's actually a very complex web of a whole bunch of stuff.

  • Your social media marketing and/or email marketing.
  • Your enrollment process.
  • Actually delivering your coaching to clients.
  • You getting paid for that coaching.
  • And on and on...

Lots of moving parts. And when you have a complex system like this, there's no way one thing is going to fix it or make it work better. That's not how complex systems work.

So what can you do, then?

Well, you treat your business like the beautiful system it is.

You start with an overview of how it all works.

To help you do that, I created a new masterclass that's all about taking a holistic view to growing a thriving coaching business (i.e. the opposite of "One Thing-itus"):

I give you actionable insights you can move forward with, based on what really matters when you're new (or struggling) to grow your coaching business (aka: the most important things).

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This is for you if you're a brand spanking new coach, or have been struggling to get off the ground and wondering what to do next.

I help you go from feeling lost, overwhelmed and scattered as a coach… to knowing exactly where to focus in your business right now to create the kind of profitable and fulfilling coaching practice you want.

Can't wait to see you there.


With love & joy,


P.S. Just because you might be suspicious…

Yes, at the end of the class I'm going to invite you to join The Coaches Accelerator (my paid program that guides you along the full A-Z system for growing your coaching business).

But don't worry – it's obvious when I make the invitation, and if you're not interested you don't have to stick around.

(though if you're curious I recommend you check it out, even if it's just to see how I do it).

Either way, this webinar will give you critical insights and "aha" moments that you can take right back to your business.

So do yourself and your business a favor and check it out now: