NEW masterclass just for coaches

Psst… can I let you in on a little secret?

My dream is to create the perfect business training program for coaches, no matter your personality, strengths or challenges.

(okay so maybe it's not so secret)

My first big step to doing this was to create what I call the "Coaching Genius System" (you probably saw this after you took the Coaching Genius Quiz)

The original structure of The Coaching Genius System started percolating in my brain in late 2018.

It was right after my son suggested I focus on coaches exclusively.

At the time, I had almost 5 years of experience working with coaches, both in my own coaching practice and on the core leadership team of a multi-million dollar coaching organization.

I was well aware of the struggles that so many coaches face when trying to get their businesses up and running.

I had seen hundreds of coaches who had paid upwards of $50k per year have access to over 40 different courses all designed to help coaches build their businesses.

And yet they still struggled.


They had everything available to them.

Hundreds up hundreds of hours worth of information at their fingertips.

Why were they still struggling?

Three reasons.

Today I'm going to tell you about the first. And then in the next couple emails I'll tell you about the other two.

The First Reason Most Coaches Struggle In Their Business

Most of the courses coaches were going through weren't structured in a step-by-step way.

The coaches could pick and choose whichever one they wanted to work on.

And at first glance that seems ideal. More choice is better, right?

The problem was...

They didn't know which ones to work on first.

A step-by-step plan would have been extremely helpful.

That gave me the idea for the 5 step structure of The Coaching Genius System...

  • One Transformation
  • One Avatar
  • One Coaching Framework
  • One Marketing Approach
  • One Enrollment Conversation

And as I started working with more and more coaches on a one-to-one basis, I realized that there was A LOT to teach them.

And weekly coaching calls weren't going to cut it.

Thus, The 1-1 Coaches Accelerator was born. It was a combination of an online course, plus one-to-one coaching with me, so my clients could learn what they needed to learn and have my expertise along the way.

When I first developed The Coaches Accelerator, it was 12 steps. It was my educated best guess at what coaches needed based on my experience at that point. It took the 5 steps of the Coaching Genius System, but got into more of the specifics.

Here’s what it looked like:


It was a great program and I was really proud of it. I felt that it could help so many coaches take the step-by-step actions necessary so they didn’t waste valuable time and money.

There was just one issue.

Imagine walking through a 12-step framework on an enrollment conversation.

Let's just say that I'm now extremely familiar with what overwhelm looks like on someone's face.

And, as more and more clients worked through it, I noticed that about 75% of them could care less about steps 11 and 12, which are focused on helping you scale your coaching practice.

I also noticed that the order needed to be changed.

In the graphic above, you may have noticed that the two enrollment conversation modules (steps 9 and 10) were after the marketing growth module (step 8).

But what was happening was that when people started marketing their business after having gone through the steps before that, they were getting potential clients to sign up for enrollment conversations.

So they had to scramble to go through the enrollment conversation modules before the call.

Which was a little stressful... You want to have put some thought into your enrollment conversations. And you definitely want a plan.

So, over the past 6 months, I've rebuilt The Coaches Accelerator from the ground up. I redid every video and every implementation guide.

(which I'll admit took a lot of time… but from the reviews I've been getting I'd say it was totally worth it!)

Now the Accelerator is more streamlined, more focused, and fully optimized for what coaches need most at each step along their journey.

I took all the questions my clients have had during the past few years and incorporated the answers throughout the course so coaches could build their business without needing my direct one-to-one help.

So, now The Coaches Accelerator looks like this:


Here's why I'm telling you all this:

The new & improved Coaches Accelerator "2.0" is going live in a couple of days.

... And I've created a brand new 30-minute masterclass to go along with it...

Three "Must Have" Pillars You Need to Build a Thriving Coaching Business: How to Attract Clients, Get Them Results and Grow Your Business Using Your Unique Personality, Strengths and Genius

In this masterclass, I share...

  • The Key to Confidence as a Coach: What you MUST understand about becoming a Master-level coach and why it's crucial to having a thriving coaching business
  • Get the Word Out (Even If You're an Introvert): My 3 top tips for simplifying your marketing so that you attract the right clients consistently without feeling like you have to do "all the things"
  • The #1 thing you need to turn scary enrollment calls into effortless conversations that lead clients to sign up on the spot
  • What most life and business coaches get wrong about their niche and how to choose (and stick with) the best niche for you
  • Be Irreplaceable: How to become the only coach on Earth who does what you do

Click here to sign up for the masterclass:

(In case you don't know what a masterclass is, it's basically a fancy term for a webinar that includes a bunch of teaching plus an offer at the end).

I think you're going to love it. It's going to help you see your coaching business in a whole new light.

Here's to an amazing coaching business in 2021!

With love & joy,

P.S. By the way…

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