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This is where you would invite them to a call with you. In this invitation, you would include the same information that you included at the end of your freebie giveaway (if you included an invite to a call). You want to include the following:

  • The results they'll get from the call (For example, in the Coach Action Plan, the person will have clarity, an action plan, and know what their next steps will be). 
  • Any details about the call, such as length, type of call (Zoom), deliverables (recording, mind map, etc)
  • Investment anchored with a higher price (For example, "The call is normally $______ but because you are now in my community, I want to offer it to you for just $_______. 
  • Guarantee (if you have one).  For example, "And to make sure you feel totally comfortable signing up for the call, you're protected by my [NAME OF GUARANTEE] guarantee. If you're not completely happy with the call...

Here are some kind words clients have said about [NAME OF YOUR CALL]...

Highlight an important piece from the testimonial, such as an obstacle they overcame. 


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Highlight an important piece from the testimonial, such as a hesitation they overcame. 


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