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The Coach Action Plan

Say goodbye to overwhelm. In less than an hour you’ll walk away with a customized action plan so you know exactly what to do in the next 90 days to confidently grow the kind of coaching business you want — even if you’re a brand new coach.

Ready for more clarity and focus in your business in just 90 minutes?

Seem impossible? Check this out...

I decided to invest in the Coach Action Plan because I over-analyze and get stuck in my own brain and thoughts. I usually can't see my own label, so to have Selena get me, see me, and to use her perfect word, "untwist me," it's priceless. She also zeros in where the "knot" is - BRILLIANT.

My biggest takeaway was that my avatar become clearer and validation that my logic on my methodology was a possible shift of focus was on point - or at least heading in the right direction. My favorite part -- I like the way Selena explains each piece of her framework, but she is the brilliance. For anyone on the fence, I would say every day that passes is a day with less clarity and that being on the fence is equivalent to staying stuck by choice.

Lysa Greer

Consultant | Strategist | Producer at Fresh Take Productions

Did you catch it? 

Lysa was getting stuck in her head, which means she was getting in her own way. 

Can you relate?

In a short amount of time, we were able to get her clear on her avatar, validate her methodology, and get her "untwisted" around what her best next steps were. 

Let's help you do the same...


Waking up each morning and no longer feeling lost or confused when you think about what you should do next in your business.

Knowing exactly what your best next step is AND you confidently take action each day that actually moves your business forward.

Feeling in control of your business and the awesome impact you're having on your clients, your family, and your community.

Hi there! I'm Selena.

I’m a business coach and I help coaches get their businesses up and running fast so they can focus on what matters most -- helping people transform their lives.

After I earned my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology back in 2012, I put my coaching “shingle” up… and then struggled for a couple years. I felt so scattered and overwhelmed trying to learn everything about running a coaching business.

In 2014, I joined a multi-million dollar coaching business. Over the next 4 years I lead various teams across the company, from the growth and marketing teams to the strategic operations team and live events teams.

This experience gave me a front-row seat to how a million dollar coaching business really operates — while I also grew my own business on the side. Eventually my own coaching business was supporting me so I left to refocus on my business full-time.

After having my own struggles in the early years and seeing hundreds of coaches struggle with their own businesses, I decided to create what’s now called “The Coach Action Plan”.

It’s something I wish I would have had in the early days. Being able to spend 90-minutes with a successful coach and have her look at my business and help me build strategies for where to go next would have been incredibly valuable.

And now after having done over 300 of these Action Plans with coaches across the country, I can tell you with complete confidence that my Coach Action Plan clients agree (you can see their testimonials further down this page).

Ready for your own Coach Action Plan?

And now I want to help you do the same...


The Coach Action Plan

This is where you and I together create a prioritized, step-by-step action plan for your coaching business so you can confidently grow the kind of business you want without feeling overwhelmed or staying stuck.

Because the #1 thing I've discovered after working with so many coaches over the years is that getting stuck and overwhelmed is common, but also easy to move past, once you know the way. And knowing what your priorities are allows you to take each and every step in the right order. So you can move forward with confidence.

Here's how it works…


You reserve your session.


We have a 90-minute Zoom call.


You walk away with a crystal clear action plan.

You and I have a private 90-minute one-to-one video call on Zoom where I personally walk you through the steps of The Coaches Accelerator, the coaching framework I developed to help new and struggling coaches get up and running fast.

For a full 90 minutes we dive deep into your business. You'll have my expert guidance and attention as we explore what's going well - or not so well - in each area of your business. 

Depending on what you most need, we'll look at...

  • How to gain visibility for you and your coaching services…
  • How to get potential clients to want to talk to you.…
  • How to turn those conversations into actual paying clients…
  • Then actually delivering your coaching services efficiently…
  • And making clients happy so they stay clients…

Most importantly, we'll develop a comprehensive action plan that makes sense for you



"What if I'm Already Super Busy?"

And if you already feel like you have enough on your plate, don't worry. This plan won't just be a bunch of "stuff" you have to do. Quite the opposite, in fact. Rather than adding to your mountain of to-dos, I'm going to strip away the fluff and help you follow the most direct path between where you are and where you want to be.

The action plan we create together will be prioritized based on your unique genius zone -- that thing that makes you extra special awesome. 

It's designed specifically so you walk away with complete clarity on your best next steps. That way you can take confident action to implement the plan and avoid getting stuck. And avoid all that overwhelm.

Everything you need to do will be right there in your hands... ready to go!

Here's what you get with The Coach Action Plan...

Normally, my clients pay up to $9,000 to work one-on-one with me to help grow their coaching businesses, but I really want to make this available to you at a great introductory price…

To reward you for taking action and showing up for yourself right now. 

And I really see my business as my life’s purpose and mission. I love helping coaches build their businesses, so they can help others. It just makes the world a better place. And I love being a part of that. 

If you want to get clear on where to go next with your coaching business, I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity for just $400 today 



I understand that you probably don’t know me yet, so I want to take the risk away from you. That's why I’m offering a full refund if you’re not completely happy with our call...

You're protected by my "Love It Or Pay Nothing" Guarantee

I’m confident you’re going to love your Coach Action Plan. I pack so much value and insight into our 90 minutes together that most coaches leave feeling like I went above & beyond.

I want you to feel confident enough to give this a chance. That’s why I’m taking all the risk off your plate and putting it on mine. If you invest in yourself right now and show up for our call, I promise to give you my “A” game for our entire time together. 

And if you show up and you’re not completely happy with the call, I’ll give you a complete and hassle-free refund. Just let me know during the session or send me a quick one-line email within 24 hours after our session, and I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked and no hassles.

Are you ready to FINALLY stopped feeling overwhelmed and experience results like these...

I decided to sign up for the Coach Action Plan because I was struggling to get organized. A big takeaway for me was the visual mind map we used in the session. It led me to get the application. That one action connected my thoughts to a process. Amazing!! I loved talking through the plan.

If you're on the fence about signing up, I would say just do it. My least favorite part was that it was only 45 minutes. I'd easily spend $500 for an afternoon intensive with Selena. She is an excellent thought leader and motivator. I told 18 coaches about her the evening after the call.

Patrice Starks

THRIVE After Divorce Coach

I've benefited a lot from working through the Coaching Genius training, especially when we put the pieces together on the call.

When I focused on clarifying and structuring my methodology (not something I'd heard of before you), it really opened up a lot of clarity for me regarding the value and distinction I provide people with my coaching - I'm even more confident now and it's given me a strong jumping off point for content creation.

Annaliese Seaborn

Life & Career Design Coach

I decided to sign up for Coach Action Plan because I wanted to wrap my brain around the story of my services and how to articulate my process. The biggest takeaway for me was understanding that what I most needed to do was tell the story of what can be done through this coaching relationship. My favorite part was getting to think about my avatar. To anyone on the fence about signing up, I would say more information is just more power and why not build as much skill as possible.

Kimberly Henderson

Purposeful Alignment Coach

I decided to grab Selena's offer for the Coach Action Plan because I was struggling to define my avatar. My biggest takeaway was that I now have an avatar! My favorite part was the mind mapping and now having an action plan. To anyone on the fence, I would say do it. It will give you clarity.

Sabrina Charles

Eating Disorders Recovery Coach

By now you're probably noticing that The Coach Action Plan isn't your typical coaching call. 

It's based on The Coaches Accelerator, which is a proven framework that I've taken hundreds of coaches through. 

It was created for coaches who don't want to waste time and want to move forward quickly. 

With that, you still may have some questions...

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is going to happen once I purchase?

Once you purchase, you'll be taken to a page where you can schedule your Coach Action Plan with me. You'll also fill out a short questionnaire asking you about your business -- where you are right now, what you'd like to see for it, and challenges you've been facing. I read through your answers before our call. This lets us hit the ground running and make the most of our time together. 

What can I expect on the call?  

Before our call, I take your answers to my questionnaire and add them to a mind map document. As we work through The Coaches Accelerator framework (my proven and proprietary process), I'll continue to fill out the mind map. We'll go over where your gaps are, what my recommendations are for your next best steps, and you'll end the call with so much more clarity around your coaching business. Most importantly, you'll end the call with a plan of action!

What do I get after the call?

Once our call is complete, I create two files from the mind map. One is an image file of the mind map that shows everything we discussed on our call. The other is the original mind map file in case you want to work on it further. I also include a recording of the Zoom video call (mp4 format) so you can refer back to it at any time. 

Sign up for The Coach Action Plan today and get...

  • 90-minute one-to-one coaching call with me personally
  • Customized Coaches Accelerator Blueprint developed just for your business
  • Recording of our call so you can refer back to it at any time
  • More clarity, confidence and focus in your coaching business
  • Less overwhelm and confusion



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